Ford, General Motors, who’s the Genius?

Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, talked to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show about infotainment systems. Most people don't think about the operating system they use in a car. When people open their laptop, they know they are working on a MAC or Microsoft operating system. When they click on a browser [...]

Sheryl Connelly, Ford futurist, looks into her crystal ball on Driving the Nation

As manager of Ford Global Trends and Futuring, Sheryl Connelly tracks consumer trends. Connelly then works with the rest of Ford to implement what she sees as growing trends that can be implemented in cars and trucks to make them more valuable to the consumer. Is her goal to predict the future? What has Ford [...]

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Ford and Hyundai may take your breath away, says Strategic Vision

2011 Hyundai Sonatas highest Total Value score in the history of the study”and that is in all of the segments, luxury included. “When the data came back on the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, it was so impressive it prompted us to re-examine the data several times to be certain,” says Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards. “The [...]

Mark Fields, Ford, at the 2009 Detroit auto show

North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, MI - Mark Fields is executive vice president, Ford Motor Company, and president, The Americas. I asked all the executives this question: Our federal tax dollars go to the government so that they can create a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). Automotive companies spend money to fight CAFE [...]

2008 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner

Eric Loeffler, chief engineer for Ford Motor Co., talks about the all new 2008 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner. Many new features make up the 08 model, such as; all new sheet metal exterior, power steering, and ice blue dash lighting. Fuel economy has also gone up, with help from a more aerodynamic design, [...]

Kate Thompson, Ford Motor, talks about the Ford Taurus X CUV

Kate Thompson, Ford Motor Company Product Marketing, talks about the pricing, options, and competition of the Ford Taurus. Keep an eye out for Rufus the dog at the end. The 2008 Ford Taurus X shows how Ford is responding to the American family's desire for vehicles that deliver more safety features and lifestyle-inspired functionality. It [...]

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2007 Diesel Emission Regulations

With stricter emission guidelines, companies are constantly modifying their engines to be at their best. For Ford, these regulations were an opportunity to upgrade their fuel economy. Now, hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by 50%, from 2.5. To 1.3, and particulate matter is down 90% by emission reduction through new engine tweaks, such as the Active [...]