GM partners with A123Systems for Chevy Volt

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From GM: GM and A123Systems to Co-Develop Lithium-Ion Battery Cell for Chevrolet Volt Agreement Speeds Up Development of Chevy Volts Innovative Propulsion System “Breakthrough battery technology will drive future automotive propulsion, and the company that aligns with the best strategic partners will win. That's what is so significant about this deal,” said Bob Lutz, GM [...]

2005 Automobile October sales

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GM, FORD, DaimlerChrysler marketshare 2005 The numbers are bad for the auto industry. The decrease in sales from October 2004 to October 2005 is 14.1 percent. Depending on which industry analyst you talk to, the numbers differ. The reason is their reasoning. Some analysts don't include Mercedes with DaimlerChrysler, or PAG with Ford. [...]

GM Sequel Hydrogen concept Honda Phill

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Hydrogen cars are exploding, at least figuratively, onto the automaker's pedestal reveals this week in Detroit. General Motors is unveiling the Sequel, an eleven-inch skateboard that precedes the HydroGen3 in performance, acceleration, and drivability.All other Manufacturers have had batteries in their vehicles. General Motors had one in the HydroGen2, but not the HydroGen3, and they [...]

Hybrids; past, present and future

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We keep hearing how many hybrids are being sold and how many are coming out. The first Honda Insight was sold until July of 2005. Since then 311,718 hybrids have been sold. Hybrids currently available on the market, along with how many have been sold since their inception are; Ford: (11,795) Ford Escape(11,795)(first American hybrid) [...]

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