The Toyota Prius is Stalling

Thirteen vehicles stalling We're happy it gets the headlines, but thirteen vehicles stalling – just make sure to spell our name right; talk about Prius. James E. Press, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer – March 17, 2005 Back in March 2004, Motorweek started a long-term drive of the 2004 Toyota Prius. In its [...]

The newest hybrid; Hydrogen and Petrol

BMW PHEV Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines Ford has an airport shuttle coming out next year, BMW is building a luxury sedan for sale in five years. Hydrogen fuel cells are now almost universally recognized as the eventual heir to the internal combustion engine. The hydrogen highway is said to be 20 years away. Baby steps [...]

hybrid options John Batchelor radio show

Hybrids for sale August 14, 2004 - Lou Ann Hammond discusses hybrid vehicle options for the consumer now and in the future with syndicated ABC radio network host John Batchelor. 152,600 hybrids were produced in 2005, saving 22,576,900 gallons of gas next year. If the gasoline counterpart to these ten vehicles ( total [...]

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