2018 hyundai accent review – first drive

2018 Hyundai accent new car review When the first Hyundai Accent came on the market in 1995, it was brought out with immense skepticism by the buying public. Hyundai's success came when they offered a ten year or 100,000 warranty. Accent's progress continues, partly, because Hyundai keeps improving the quality of the four-door sedan. Mike [...]

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Honda Hyundai Kia Jeep Smart WAPO carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends, I was at the Hyundai Ioniq event yesterday. I left last night because they are forecasting 25 mph winds and 1/2 an inch of rain every hour. Combine that with a little CRJ airplane, and I called United Airlines and changed my flight. Have you heard about the Ioniq? It's [...]

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Hyundai Ioniq part of a long-term plan

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id="49"] The Hyundai Ioniq could be one of the first vehicles in three different powertrains based on the same front-wheel-drive architecture. If you've been in the Hyundai Elantra, then you know about the size of the Ioniq sedan. I have long said that if I could have a four-sedan without the plastic feel, I [...]

Hyundai shows five concepts at SEMA 2016

Hyundai Motor America showed five new concepts at the 2016 SEMA show, including a special skunkworks race concept. HYUNDAI JOINS FORCES WITH BISIMOTO TO DEVELOP “SANTA-FAST” 1,075 HORSEPOWER REAR-DRIVE SANTA FE SUV FOR 2016 SEMA SHOW Hyundai and Bisimoto have again partnered for the SEMA show, this time developing a 1,040 horsepower, rear-drive “Santa-Fast” SUV. [...]

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January 29, 2016 Real Wheels live Washington Post car chat

Good morning Warren and friends, Hopefully, everyone made it through the storm OK. I heard from a couple of you that you were able to make it to the auto show. What did you think? What was your favorite vehicle? I ended up leaving on Thursday but got to attend the policy day and listen [...]

Ford and Hyundai may take your breath away, says Strategic Vision

2011 Hyundai Sonatas highest Total Value score in the history of the study”and that is in all of the segments, luxury included. “When the data came back on the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, it was so impressive it prompted us to re-examine the data several times to be certain,” says Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards. “The [...]

GM IPO & Korea’s free trade deal

Simon Constable, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, the Hub and Camilla Webster from Forbes hosts the John Batchelor radio show. We talk about General Motors IPO and North Korea's free trade deal. What about the free trade deal, what does it mean for Hyundai?

Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai, part two

The State of Hyundai Group   2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, MI - Dave Zuchowski is the Vice President of  Sales for Hyundai. Hyundai is bringing a Sonata hybrid out to the market. Why? Hyundai did so well last year Zuchowski talks about what and how Korea is doing on its fuel [...]

Hyundai Asan plant tour in Korea

Let's tour the Hyundai Asan plant in South Korea, just southeast of Seoul. From Hyundai Motor Company: The Asan Plant, which mainly produces passenger vehicles for export, rests on a 440-acres site with a 4 million sq-ft building that consists of production lines for machine press, auto frame, paint, assembly, engine, and a materials plant. [...]

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