Kia takes you to work or play in first class at SEMA 2016

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Your chariot awaits! Kia Motors announced that by 2030 they plan to have an autonomous vehicle on the road. At the SEMA 2016 Kia showcased four vehicles that highlight the diversity of Kia. Kia Soul First Class Imagine rear-facing seats, no steering wheel, privacy to work amidst an array of luxury enhancements is what Kia [...]

C3 Connected Infiniti Kia carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, We drove the Infiniti QX 60 all week. Another great 3-row CUV that starts around $43,000 comes in AWD. The V-6 EPA fuel economy is stated at 20 city / 27 highway. Fun week for me! Stretch and I went to San Francisco to the C3 Connected Summit. [...]

Kia Executives in Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul, South Korea Thomas Oh, senior executive vice president, and chief operating officer at Kia in Korea Soon-Nam Lee, director-Kias overseas marketing, and Michael Sprague, Kias U.S. marketing chief, were interviewed at Kias Seoul headquarters. In July 2011 the Hyundai group was only 7,000 units away from beating the Chrysler group in sales. The Chrysler group [...]

Walter Sacki on the Kia Sportage’s Magna Powertrain

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The Kia Sportage is utilizing the Magna Powertrain on its all-wheel-drive Kia Sportage. Here is Walter Sacki talking about the Magna Powertrain. The unit is on the rear axle drive and is known as Dynamax. The unit allows for better curve control and a sportier feel. Watch the demo video as Walter Sacki talks about [...]

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