The World’s Fastest Indian 50th Anniversary

Burt Munro Indian Motorcycle movie I was talking to the producer, Roger Donaldson, about his upcoming film, McLaren. I mentioned that this was his second film about a Kiwi and speed and he said, "yes, in fact, I am on my way to Bonneville now to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Burt Munro’s iconic land [...]

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Hyundai SEMA Kia motorcycles WAPO carchat

Stretch helped me out this week and went to Las Vegas to drive the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport with a starting price of $21,650 or the Elantra Sport automated shifting with a 7-speed DCT and paddle shifters for $22,750. Stretch got around 28 miles per gallon. How many of you are worried about car hacking/cybersecurity? [...]

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