Helicopter ride from Monticello Motor Club to New York City on Driving the Nation

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BMW 7-Series If you're going to go exclusively, you go all the way. BMW showed off its flagship vehicle, the BMW 7-Series at the exclusive Monticello Motor Club. It would have taken hours to drive there, not that we couldn't have gone there in luxury since the new 7-Series is a long-wheel, bordering on limousine [...]

Who owns Whom on John Batchelor radio show, WABC-AM radio, New York City

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The rumors are always the most interesting; General Motors got out of it's purchase option with FIAT by paying them $2 Billion. Now both Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp(SAIC)(a joint venture with General Motors and Volkswagen in China) and TATA Motor Group are rumored to be interested in purchasing FIAT, the parent company of Ferrari and [...]