Shell Oil to rig – rig to race Formula 1

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When I told a girlfriend I was going out on a Shell oil rig she scrunched up her face and quizzically asked why. If you ask people where they buy their gasoline, they will rattle off the name of their local gasoline station. Most people don't think about where the petroleum comes from that they [...]

Five Years; Stop Coal Plants, Gasoline Cars or else

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By Stephen Leahy Here's the frightening implication of a landmark study on carbon emissions: By 2018, no new cars, homes, schools, factories, or electrical power plants should be built anywhere in the world, ever again, unless theyre either replacements for old ones or carbon neutral. Otherwise greenhouse gas emissions will push global warming past 2ËšC [...]

Finland and Russia, oil and automobiles

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I met Pekka Tefke, President of Volvo Oy Ab (Finland), at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. Tefke was astonished that the auto show of the year was “all the buzz about environmental concerns.” The show was also about not using as much oil, keeping the fun in functionality and still [...]

How much oil does the World have and need?

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There is a fear of vulnerability in our way of life. There is a fear that world oil dependence will soon lead to the depletion of petroleum. A less spoken anxiety is the vulnerability that we are purchasing oil from countries with whom we don't have shared values and from some countries that we think [...]