1915 Carl Fisher Packard 2-38 Six Runabout

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1915 Packard 2-38 Six Runabout Carl G. Fisher ordered the 1915 Packard Model 38 Runabout in 1914. Fisher is one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 1915 Fisher drove the Packard as the pace car at the fifth annual Indianapolis "Indy" 500. Nancy and Allen Strong purchased the car and have kept [...]

Amanda McLaren on her Father and McLaren cars

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I couldn’t be more proud, Amanda McLaren declared "It’s fabulous to be here, to be part of the team and part of McLaren Automotive." Amanda was just four years old when her father was killed in a testing accident at Goodwood in 1970. The place to be, to remember her Father after his tragic accident [...]

Saddam Hussein stolen Bentley restored

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If a dictator offers to buy your car from you, sell it to them, otherwise, they will just steal it. That is what happened to the 1958 Bentley S1 Continental (BC25LDJ) Drophead Coupé Coachwork by Park Ward & Co. Ltd; one of only 31 left-hand drive examples erected to their design number 700. The Drophead [...]

Fastest electric Supercar Rimac Concept One

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Monterey Car Week is the largest gathering of beautiful cars; classic and new; expensive rebuilt and protected patina cars. Quail Lodge is a collection of all the supercars and bespoke supercars. The crowd roars when they hear a Koenigsegg come to life. You hear the car; you smell the exhaust, the condensation coming out of [...]