Brands that know their customers at Geneva Motor Show

The 87th Geneva International Motor Show is in full swing. As is usual, Geneva brings out the beautiful supercars and the most lavish parties. Behind all the glitz and glamor are car companies with world premieres designed to intrigue and attract new customers for 2017. I asked Ian Beavis, Chief Strategy Officer for Foote, Cone, [...]

Porsche at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) Porsche We’re one week away from the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS), the beginning of the auto shows in the United States. Here’s a last look at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) Porsche. What can we expect Porsche to show next week at the LA Auto [...]

Porsche, Audi, 3.0 engine has defeat device says CARB

"VW must immediately initiate discussions with ARB to discuss the testing results that appear to confirm the presence of a defeat device in the GVGAJ03.0NU4, EADXT03.02UG and FPRXT03.0CDD Test Groups and the implications on other 3.0 liter diesel product lines. VW must ensure that the appropriate Audi and Porsche AG management and engineering staff are [...]

John Batchelor radio show, Volkswagen and CARB on Driving the Nation

Click on the link to listen to John Batchelor, the host of The John Batchelor radio show, talk to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation, about the video interview with California Air Resources Board (CARB's) Dave Clegern. In 1967, California's Governor Reagon established the California Air Resources Board (CARB) because of the [...]

50 years of Porsche 911 in Stuttgart, Germany pt. 2

Stuttgart, Germany Dieter Landenberger, the head of Porsche museum archives, gave Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, a private tour around the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany. From June 4 to September 29, 2013, in the Porsche Museum, you can view the Anniversary Exhibition of Porsche celebrating “50 Years of 911”. Free admission All 911 drivers [...]

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Hurley Haywood and the Porsche 911 Turbo

The turbo is your traditional catholic, easier  to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. The GT3 is the right wing Catholic - ask for forgiveness instead of permission or just commit self-flagellation going around a curve. There is nothing worse than trying to explain to St. Peter why you should be let through [...]

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