Oil and Coal Must Be Phased Out by 2050 to Stop Catastrophic Warming on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy If we really want to maintain a livable climate, and prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2˚ Celsius, then no nation, anywhere, can burn any oil, gas, or coal at all after 2050, according to a striking new analysis of the latest climate science. “The world must start preparing [...]

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US-EPA ambitious plan to cut U.S. Carbon emissions on Driving the Nation

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Jun 3 2014 (IPS) - New efforts by the U.S. to reduce it's carbon emissions are being welcomed around the world. On Monday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants 25 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. This “is the strongest action [...]

Which Nations are being swallowed by the Sea? on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy Imagine the street you live on is knee-deep in floodwater, and it's ruining everything in sight, including your home. Now imagine that those awful floodwaters never, ever recede. Instead, the water just keeps rising and rising until your entire country drowns. For a number of island nations, that's ultimately the [...]

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Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com March 14, 2014

Lou Ann Hammond : Good morning Warren and Friends I checked with car manufacturers around the world and suppliers. The suppliers (like Bosch) supply the air recirc devices to the auto manufacturers. They do not limit the amount of time it can be on, the auto manufacturers do. When I was in China the chinese [...]

Skoda VisionC at the Geneva motor show

Skoda Press Release "Skoda VisionC” design study: A brand on the move * Geneva highlight: five-door coupe design study Skoda VisionC. * Design study represents the next stage in Skoda design language * Design: expressive, dynamic, emotional, environmentally friendly * Concept: Skoda first-ever coupe * Typically Skoda: functionality coupe with large tailgate * Environment: CO2 [...]

2015 Ford Mustang: A Thoroughbred for 50 Years

By Jim Powell To quote Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas, "The 2015 Mustang is the purest- most modern… muscle car out there!" This is exactly Ford's conundrum. How can a pure muscle car with power and performance attract their conquest buyers who are in their twenties and thirties without the elements [...]

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Rising Carbon Emissions on Tragic Trajectory

Who is most responsible for the 2013 emissions? WARSAW, Nov 19, 2013 (IPS) - Burning of fossil fuels added a record 36 billion tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere in 2013, locking in even more heating of the planet. Global CO2 emissions are projected to rise 2.1 percent higher than 2012, the previous record high, [...]

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World Headed for a High-Speed Carbon Crash

By Stephen Leahy UXBRIDGE, Canada, Nov 7 2013 (IPS) - If global carbon emissions continue to rise at their current rate, humanity will eventually be left with no other option than a costly, world war-like mobilisation, scientists warned this week. “Its blindingly obvious that our economic system is failing us,” said economist Tim Jackson, a [...]

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Tesla Q3: Elon Musk; exploring options on battery plant with partners

Highlights from the Tesla Motors, Inc. “ Third Quarter 2013 Shareholder Letter * Record 5,500 Model S deliveries * Gross margin increased to 21% (non-GAAP) excluding ZEV credit's * Net income (non-GAAP-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) of $16 million * Major WW expansion of service centers, stores and Superchargers * Cash balance nonetheless increased by $49 [...]

How is GM-Europe’s Drive! 2022 working? Girsky: Hope is not a strategy

General Motors roundtable At the 2013 IAA, Frankfurt motor show, there were roundtables full of GM-Europe executives and journalists. The plan, dubbed Drive! 2022, was revealed in 2012 by GM-Europe acting president Steve Girsky. Girsky is also the person that dubbed a group of folks directed to study Tesla, Team Tesla. When asked what he [...]