Car Safety Technologies that May Save Your Life

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Because of technology in cars, safety has come on leaps and bounds in recent decades. The days where a seatbelt, disc brakes, and an airbag were cutting edge is long gone. The expectations of the average driver are far higher when they’re purchasing a car. It’s not surprising, road fatalities are at an all-time low [...]

IIHS launches test for automatic emergency braking to detect pedestrian

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ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 27, 2018 -- The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is launching a test program for automatic emergency braking systems on vehicles that can detect and brake for pedestrians. In November, IIHS shared with auto manufacturers the protocol engineers will use in preparation for the early 2019 release of the first IIHS [...]

The first five-star car in India: the Tata Nexon

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With the maturation of countries comes the desire to be better by the citizen, to live longer, to be healthier, to see their children grow up and have grandbabies. India is becoming that country and they are starting to demand safety in their cars. "In a country that boasts of the highest number of road [...]

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