Continental’s Dr. Cramer on safety and China

Hannover, Germany - Dr. Ralf Cramer is the President and Member of the Executive Board, Chassis & Safety Division,Continental AG. On the day it was announced that Dr. Ralf Cramer was been President of Continental- China Dr. Cramer set down with a group of journalists to talk about safety. Cramer said that some suppliers are [...]

Continental’s research and development of tires

The future of tires Hannover, Germany - Continental Dr. Hagan Schoenfield, research and development of tires, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about the technologies of the future. So much has been made of electrification and automated driving, but the one constant for the future is that, so far, we still need four tires [...]

Continental’s first in the world Braking Analyzer

Hannover, Germany - Precise and consistent are how Stefan Heine, head of testing for indoor braking, described the biggest benefit of Continental AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer) to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Right outside the indoor facility is the old rusted track that thousands of cars have traveled over to test the braking parameters [...]

Continental’s M2XPRO, a step into the future

V2X communications system Technology is dependent on many components coming together at the same time, with the same precision. Dr. Marc Menzel, an expert on wireless communication at Continental AG talked to about M2XPRO communications. Continental is developing an M2XPro sensor that can be combined with Continental's intelligent antenna module for use in the [...]

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