Top foods to eat or store in your car

So much food, so little time The Winter Fancy Food Show #WFFS2017 just wrapped up in San Francisco, CA. Two halls of new food and old delights were on display at the Moscone Center. What are some of the foods that are best to eat in the car? A group of five taste testers were [...]

Top ten Winter driving tips for snow and ice

The first snow storms of the year always feel like we're in for a Maunder Minimum, a small ice age. The body is not ready for it, and you need to switch from Summer driving to Winter driving. I've made a list of winter driving safety tips that I've learned over the years talking to [...]

Top vehicle State and car registered in America

California still reigns supreme as the number one place Americans registered cars from Nov. 1, 2014, through Oct. 31, 2015. Experian Automotive announced that the Ford F-150 continues to hold the top spot in the light-duty registration for the same period, but the big announcement is the diversification of vehicles registered. California is a no-brainer [...]

Top Ten dangerous foods to eat while driving

The last couple of Real Wheels car chats on the Washington Post website have talked about snacks to eat in the car. How does food make it on the dangerous list? Back in 2002 Hagerty Insurance put together a list of the top ten dangerous foods to eat while driving and many of them are [...]


February 11, 2005 - Lou Ann Hammond discusses her favorite 2005 Chicago auto show luxury vehicles with John Batchelor The 2005 Chicago Auto show is the most civilized show of the year. Less than twenty new reveals with enough time to look at them and talk to the executives. The reveals in the windy city [...]

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