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Continental’s urban safety curbside detection

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Alzenau, Germany - I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles the other day and a little 16-year old girl was practically in tears. Clearly, she had failed her driving test. Her Father, was gently questioning what happened, "I don't know, Dad, I thought I left enough room, but I hit the curb." [...]

Continental’s R&D for ADAS

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So much of the technology we see is years away from being on the market, but not at the Continental technology event, we attended Frankfurt, Germany. Continental Wolfgang Fey is the director of research & development for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Fey talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Which technologies from the [...]

Continental’s Advanced Driver Assist Systems

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Friedrich Angerbauer is the head of the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Business Unit in Continental Chassis & Safety Division. Angerbauer explained to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, what ADAS is. If anyone is wondering where the research and development for car supplies will come from it will be from the car [...]

Continental’s M2XPRO, a step into the future

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Technology is dependent on many components coming together at the same time, with the same precision. Dr. Marc Menzel, expert on wireless communication at Continental AG talked to about M2XPRO communications. Continental is developing a M2XPro sensor that can be combined with Continental intelligent antenna module for use in the V2X communications [...]

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