The world, and the auto industry, revolve around apps at the 2013 CES

Las Vegas, NV - 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is more than just stereos and computer games. The auto industry and their suppliers are displaying technologies for energy efficiency in the home and the car, and infrastructure connected to the grid. Car companies are embracing app developers, going to their hackathon convention to look for new [...]

The history of the speedometer and odometer

Germany - Frank Jansa, Chief designer of instrumentation, Continental AG, showed some speedometers and odometers that were 100 years old and older. Jansa showed us speedometers that functioned with the eddy current, a mechanical speedometer that was horizontal. There were moving coil systems and rotary magnet devices that drove the needle. It's fun to [...]

Continental’s R&D for ADAS

So much of the technology we see is years away from being on the market, but not at the Continental technology event, we attended Frankfurt, Germany. Continental Wolfgang Fey is the director of research & development for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Fey talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Which technologies from the [...]

Continental’s Emergency steer assist concept

Bernd Hartmann is the Chassis Systems Advanced Engineering manager for Continental Chassis & Safety Division. Hartmann took Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, for a ride on Continental proving grounds in Frankfurt, Germany to show us what Emergency Steer Assist is. The initial development stage is expected to reach production readiness in two to [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on October 19, 2012

Lou Ann Hammond : Warren and I will be at the Sao Paulo, Brazil auto show next week. If there's anything you want to know about this South American automobile Carnival let us know. I spent this week in Germany with Continental AG. Most of you will know Continental as tires, but Continental is one [...]

2013 BMW M5 at Laguna Seca

Matt Russell, Product and Technology communications manager for the M5, talked to about the new 2013 BMW M5. Russell goes through the car, everything from the head-up display by Continental, to the beautiful engines that allow the car to go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds at up to 155 mph. Enjoy the video

Dr. Cramer Continental AG chassis and safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Dr. Ralf Cramer is the President and Member of the Executive Board, Chassis & Safety Division, Continental AG. Dr. Cramer is responsible for integrating active and passive safety with driving dynamics. He oversees the Business Unit's Electronic Brake Systems, Hydraulic Brake Systems, Sensorics, Passive Safety & ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), [...]

Continental tires impacted from the Japanese earthquake on Driving the Nation

I'm in Algarve, Portugal with Continental tires. They have invited a group of International journalists to drive their new tires, the ECOConti 5 and the SportConti5. This morning I talked with Christian Kotz, Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Passenger and Light truck tires. At the Detroit auto show I spoke to Dr. [...]

Jeff Klei, President of North America Operations, Continental AG

Jeff  Klei, President of North America Operations, Continental AG talked with John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, We're looking at the auto industry through the autoparts supplier eyes. The car companies are doing better, are the suppliers doing better? Continental AG is a global business. Twenty percent of Continental's business is in [...]

Dr. Ralf Cramer, Continental AG, at the 2011 NAIAS on Driving the Nation

Dr. Ralf Cramer, Continental AG, is a Member of the Executive Board for Chassis & Safety division. I met up with Dr. Cramer at the 2011 North American International Auto show (NAIAS) in Detroit, MI. Many people think the car companies build their cars, but they have help from companies such as Continental AG, Denso and [...]

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