Range Rover Evoque convertible, turbo, carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends, One of the chatters last week asked, "What group would have this information? I know when the turbo 4 ECOBOOST came out at first, people seemed unsure about it in terms of MPG and reliability. Specifically talking about the 2.0T in the Fusion Titanium, not the smaller 1.5. Has the [...]

World Premieres, speakerless cars, WAPO carchat

Sorry that we couldn't chat last week. We're back! The last time we chatted a chatter asked about the new concept from Continental AG, one of the big auto suppliers. They were showcasing a speakerless car; the system was built into the car instead. The chatter asked, "Using structural elements of the vehicle as speakers [...]

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Italdesign, BMW 8 concept, Rolls-Royce sweptail 08

Ciao Warren and friends, I'm still on the two-week tour of Italian cars with Veloce Tours Inc. Yesterday we visited Corrado Lopresto's car collection. Lopresto has an impressive collection of prototypes, one-offs, and chassis number one cars. The cars have won some of the most prestigious awards around the world, including the Concourse d'Elegance Villa [...]

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Nicola Bulgari, Vatican cars, Rome Italy

Good Morning Warren and Friends: What is the first car you ever remember seeing? Did you collect model cars as a child? What is the first car you ever owned? Did you ever try to buy that car again later in life? Nicola Bulgari as a boy I am currently in Rome, Italy. [...]

Nvidia, Toyota, autonomous driving GTC17

Good Morning Warren and Friends, Are you concerned about autonomous driving? If so, which aspect, the intelligence behind autonomous driving or the lack of driving? Do you think autonomous driving will lead to a lack of design or better design? If your car were autonomous would you be more interested in exterior or interior design? [...]

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Washington Post carchat solar panels cars

Solar panels Good Morning Warren and Friends, Does anyone have solar panels? I am down to deciding between two different groups; one has LG Neon2 panels, the other uses Sunpower. If you have either panels, tell me what you like, or don't like. IF you're reading this after the chat, you can always email me [...]

washington post, carchat, VW, Chrysler

The all-new Volkswagen Atlas Good Morning Warren and Friends, This week I went to Boerne, Texas (think San Antonio) to drive the all-new Volkswagen Atlas. Even though it has a Greek name (the third time VW has used a Greek mythology name), it is not a myth any longer. 2018 Volkswagen Atlas five models, prices, [...]

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Chevy, VW, luxury cars Washington Post carchat

Just Lovely Good Morning Warren and Friends, How is everyone today? I hope you're ready for Spring because it is going to go from 40-50s to mid-70s in a matter of days. Make sure your windshield wipers are still in good shape because you're still getting rain on the East Coast. We're still getting rain [...]

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