Veteran’s Day, NACTOY, Washington Post carchat

Good Morning Warren and friends, Before anything we do today let's stop and say Thank You to the Veterans. As many of you know, Stretch's Father was at Omaha Beach; his Mother was a member of Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II. My Father served in the military for twenty-eight years, serving in [...]

Hyundai rocks SEMA and Valley of the Fire

Good Morning Warren and Friends, Ken Block unveiling his 90’s WRC Ford Escort Cossie in its Gymkhana TEN livery at the Pennzoil display Another wonderful week in the world of automobiles. I drove the 2018 Hyundai Accent in Las Vegas, NV. I can't give you my driving impressions, and the pricing hasn't been [...]

Lexus, Chrysler and politics carchat

Washington Post Real Wheels Last week I drove the Lexus RC-F, this week I drove the Lexus NX200t F-Sport. The RC-F is a luxury sports car, around $75,000. The NX200t F-Sport is an SUV out the door at $44,000. I see why it is so hard to decide what to buy. Most of the time [...]

2015 Audi S5 Real Wheels Washington Post

Good Morning Warren and friends, Good Morning from the Sierra Nevada foothills where Auburn, California was named one of the top 100 best little towns to live in in the United States. The 2015 Audi S5 Quattro I drove the 2015 Audi S5 Coupe 3.0T Quattro manual to a women's conference. Enlightening conference and a [...]

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Warren Brown washingtonpost September 5 2014

Good Morning Warren and friends This week I drove the 2014 Nissan 370 Z Nismo. Talk about a car that gets looks! People that couldn't see the badging thought it looked like a Porsche. We ran into a couple of guys, Eric and Nick, who were just back from a Z-club gathering in San Diego, [...]

Washington Post car chat November 11, 2011

As I write to you this morning I am sitting at the same table that my parents set us each night for dinner. Every four years we packed up our belongings and moved to another base, and this trusty old table went with us, from Air Force base to Air Force base. My Father retired [...]

Martin Luther King memorial; Freedom of mobility, freedom to dream on Driving the Nation

Warren Brown, Washington Post journalist, Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen of America, and Harry E. Johnson, Sr., President, and CEO of the Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation. The Martin Luther King Memorial will open August 28, 2011. Most of the car companies have donated to the memorial, the latest being Volkswagen of America. Jonathan [...]

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