Good Morning Warren and Friends,

Did anyone stay up to watch the live unveil of the Tesla Model 3? I doubt it. We – Driving the Nation – periscoped it. You can still see it live on my twitter feed or on my youtube channel. Bonus! Both Stretch and I were talking about it live.

Many of you have asked about document fees, and other fees that are add-ons to the price of a car. I wrote an article for you, entitled, Negotiating the final price of your car. Let me know if there are fees I left off.

I drove a $58,000 luxury SUV Lexus RX350 this week. In full disclosure, most of you know I own a Lexus. I would still buy another Lexus, but it would have to be a plug-in hybrid. Any car I buy would have to be a plug-in. That make total sense to me. Especially when you know my next big purchase is solar panels.

Let’s chat about cars.

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Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-10.30.47-PM-300x133 Tesla Model3, EV, PHEV, washingtonpost carchat #carchat #climatechange electric vehicles (EV) Tesla Motors Warren Brown

Tesla Model3, EV, PHEV, washingtonpost carchat