TodayApril 17, 2022

Tesla Motors and Hyatt partnership

Tesla Motors and Hyatt partner to bring electrical charging stations to select Hyatt hotels.

From Tesla:

For some months we’ve been talking to the folks at Global Hyatt, the parent company of Hyatt Hotel chain, about a partnership through which we would install Tesla Motors charging stations in select Hyatt hotels. The idea from the Tesla side of the equation was to offer Tesla Roadster customers an added dimension to their ownership experience by making it convenient to take road trips, overnights, and weekend excursions to destinations that might ordinarily be impractical on a single charge. In fact, our customers have been vocal about their desire for fast-charging devices like the Home Charging Station (which comes with each Tesla Roadster and is installed in the owner’s garage) in public locations…

… In Sacramento, we had planned a luncheon at the Hyatt Regency (directly across the street from the State Capitol) and invited many of the politicians, policymakers, and various other political friends that we’ve made over the past year. The idea was to get everybody together for a group viewing of VP10, in particular, to see how easy it will be to top-off a charge at the Hyatt. Jordan and I again addressed the crowd. This time our guest speaker was Tom Cackette, the Acting Executive Director of the California Air Resources Board (known as CARB). CARB is the body that famously promulgated the Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate in the early 1990s. You may be aware that we applied for and received a CARB grant this year to develop a commercial/public use variant of the Tesla Home Charging Station. In view of the fact that it will be these commercial/public use charging stations that will be installed in Hyatt hotels through our partnership, it was an excellent opportunity for us to thank CARB and the State of California for the vote of confidence in our efforts.

Lou Ann Hammond

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