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The Inn at Locke House Bed and Breakfast

The Inn at Locke House Bed and Breakfast

Do you remember the last time you were in a hotel and stripped the bed in the morning when you were about to leave? Me either. But I do it when I am at a friend’s house, and I did it in the morning after spending the night at The Inn at Locke House Bed and Breakfast, in Lockeford, California.

Richard and Lani Eklund have captured the essence of being at home or a friend’s house. Homebuilt airplane designer, John Thorp, known for his T-18 model which was the first homebuilt aircraft to circumnavigate the globe. Richard Eklund became the Shepard of Thorp’s T-18 plans, templates, and machinery to build the aircraft housed in the Locke House’s barn behind the inn.

After John and Kay Thorp “headed west” the Eklunds moved into the Locke home to preserve Thorp’s aviation history and the Locke home. The Eklund’s took on the daunting task of changing the home into a bed and breakfast with all the charm of a historic home while adding the modern-day appliances, including EV chargers, for the traveler.

The Inn At Locke House Bed and Breakfast is on the National Registry. It harkens back to the day of chamber pots and lights that needed to be lit with a match. There is a historic plaque from Edison Electric light that reminds people not to try to light the bulb with a match, that the house is electric, and electricity is safe. All the memorabilia of a time gone past.

Walk into the bathroom and the floor is heated and the water is hot. Gilchrist and Soames soaps and shampoos are there for your use. Coffee is complimentary in a hefty mug made especially for the Inn, a mug you want to take home with you because it keeps the coffee warm and fits firmly in your hand.

The resurrection of the house is detailed in a booklet in your room and talks about the armoires in the room being a hiding place for the guns “in case the Civil War came to this part of the country”. We stayed in the Abbington room, the main room in the house where Mrs. Locke stayed after the birth of her thirteenth child. The fireplace works with the thermostat, there is an iPod charger and wifi is complimentary, and there is a computer in the hallway. It’s a lovely mix of history and modern amenities.

Next to the book detailing the history of the house is a book full of accolades of weary travelers talking about the attention to detail of the Bed and Breakfast, including the wonderful down feather mattress.

Richard and Lani are chronicling their life and getting ready to put the Inn up for sale, and yet she has reservations through October of next year. The charm of the house will remain because of their love for the property and their friendship with John Thorp.

We left Lockeford in our Ford to Southern California, refreshed. 

Lou Ann Hammond

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