TodayApril 15, 2022

The privileged perks of Carlos Ghosn’s family

If you think Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are having a bad month, Carlos Ghosn is telling them to hold his sake. That’s right; not only is Ghosn still in Japan, after 108 days in jail, but there are also now allegations that Nissan paid to send Carlos Ghosn’s four children to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The speculation of conspiracy or covert action goes on, with new lurid accusations of Ghosn receiving more questionable money. This time it is money for his daughters Caroline Ghosn, Maya Ghosn, Nadine Ghosn, and son Anthony Ghosn to go to college. Before we go any further, it is reported that each child graduated with Honors from Stanford University.

Nissan paid for Ghosn’s children to go to Stanford

Bloomberg reported that the perk was part of Ghosn’s employment contract from 1999. The newspaper article also said, “The benefit, which isn’t common among top executives, would have been worth at least $601,000.” It may not be common among executives in the United States, but if you look at the ways of other countries, you might find it to be different.

It has long been rumored that heads of state have had their children’s education paid for by the company, or worse, by other companies. I was on a plane sitting next to a woman with a Louis Vuitton bag that she was proud to tell me had not been released for sale yet. She was coming back from the Middle East. Her family owned a company in the United States that worked with companies in the Middle East. She confirmed to me that paying for children’s education in the United States or Europe was done quite often, and expected. The recent saga of celebrities paying to have their children in a particular college took very few people by surprise.

Ghosn would know to do this because he worked globally and talked to many CEOs outside of the United States. Anyone who is part of a major corporation knows that taking advantage of the perks is part of the job. The higher up you are the better the perks, the higher percentage of bonus you receive. Take a gander on youtube, search for companies that have the best perks. You will be enlightened unless of course you work for one of those companies and take advantage of the perks.

Ghosn should have known better than to do some of the things he did. The ugliness of human egos and cultural differences is not an excuse for Ghosn to take advantage of the goodwill he had created around the world, but he did. The difference is that Nissan agreed to this perk as part of Ghosn’s employment contract from 1999. I don’t know if it was Stanford specifically, but according to Bloomberg, all four children went to the University.

The book just keeps writing itself.

Ghosn is going to face the reaper in Japan, arguing whether this is corporate greed or a coup. Just as he shared his wealth with his family he has brought them into the fold. If the SEC is brought in he may have to open his taxes up for perusal, taxes that were filed while he was married to his first wife, Rita Ghosn. Rita Ghosn, the first wife that took to Twitter in what appeared to be glee when Ghosn was arrested and jailed. The book just keeps writing itself.

Lou Ann Hammond

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