TodayApril 16, 2022

The Frankfurt auto show Ultra-lux vehicles

The Ultra-luxury concept and production vehicle unveils at the 64th IAA Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung – in Frankfurt Germany.

Beautiful never goes out of style, nor does desire

World premiere concepts such as the BMW i8 and the Jaguar C-X16 are referred to as Research Studies in Europe. Rightfully so, as some part of the design or technology that is on the concept will be a part of our sustainable future.

The Bugatti Veyron Blanc was a World premiere production car that was in a bespoke class all by itself. The Aston Martin One-77 was a German Premiere of sophistication and elegance.

The World premiere Maserati Kubang concept put the production Porsche Cayenne on notice, while the Brabus 800 Rocket converted a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 sedan to warp speed at six times the cost of the Mercedes. Ironically, the Brabus 800 Rocket is still one of the least expensive production cars shown on this video.

Lamborghini and Bentley were true to their quest for style and speed. The horsepower for the Lamborghini listed at 510 horsepower but is 570 hp as in the name LP570-4

The last world premiere concept on this video is a question mark. Will the manufacturer that showed this car produce it? Could the Manufacturer make this idea a flagship/halo car of designs to come with limited production?

My comment. Go big or go home.

Lou Ann Hammond

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