On the eve of the Paris auto show there was an exclusive world premiere of Fashion, animals and cars. The event was to introduce the Chevy Orlando to the automotive world.

An evening of enchantment was created at the Théâtre du Merveilleux in the Pavillons de Bercy, by the Grand Couturier, Frank Sorbier. Sorbier’s  les Belles Elegantes show was one of the best pre-events I’ve seen, and if you’re into the Parisian festival of beautiful women in extravagant clothes with live animals you’ll love this video.

It was so Vogue. At any moment something could have gone horribly wrong. The Pavillons de Bercy was not that big. Add a couple of live horses, about 30 live dogs, women in feather dresses and automobiles all on a small theater. Everyone was watching and waiting. and yet it went off without a hitch, each display better than the previous one.

Well done Chevy of Europe.