TodayApril 15, 2022

Tier buys Ford Spin rides into the USA

  • TIER Mobility (TIER) purchases the micromobility subsidiary of Ford Motor Company Spin, growing its global footprint by 106 communities in North America
  • TIER expands into the USA market, becoming the largest multimodal micromobility operator globally
  • Berlin-based Tier will now partner with cities in two new countries – Canada and the United States – to deliver its services.

What is multimodal micromobility?

Tier Micromobility is a relatively new and emerging mobility. Micromobility consists of bike-sharing (docked and dockless) and scooter and e-scooter-sharing. Multimodal micromobility is the flexible use of different transport modes according to the situation and available transport means. The means of transportation can be electric or human-powered and privately owned or part of shared fleets. 

Multimodal micromobility is considered affordable, lightweight transportation ideal for five miles or fewer. Micromobility devices can be personally owned bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards, or shared bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

There are many days I need to go to the store, and instead of taking the car, I e-bike to the store. We have gotten so good at biking that we have gone on vacations and rented bikes instead of cars. We have solar panels, so charging our bikes are free. As we watch gasoline prices and electricity prices go up, solar panels and less stressful modes of transportation to our wallets are important. 

The same can be said for climate change. No matter how much the price of gasoline goes up, people continue to drive. There need to be different options. 

TIER Mobility gives North America options

Today, TIER Mobility, Europe’s leading shared micromobility provider, announced its acquisition of Ford-owned shared electric bike and scooter operator, Spin, marking TIER’s entry into North America giving the world more options.

With the purchase of Ford’s Spin and its 50,000 vehicles, TIER expands its global footprint to more than 520 cities and communities in 21 countries and its fleet to 300,000 vehicles. TIER is already operating in over 410 cities with a fleet of 250,000 vehicles. 

This acquisition brings together two international players to become the most responsible and sustainable micromobility partner for worldwide cities. TIER has industry-leading safety features, the highest sustainability standards, and trailblazing innovations, such as the proprietary TIER Energy Network and swappable battery technology. Ford’s Spin has strong city partnerships in North America, a history of city-focused innovation like sidewalk riding detection technology, and groundbreaking approaches to building successful charging infrastructure.

TIER and Spin will continue to pioneer the development of new standards and build trust in e-scooters and e-bikes among communities and cities by enabling technology that creates a safer experience for riders, pedestrians, and all other road users on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Investing in and modernizing the Spin fleet with 100% swappable batteries will be one of many upcoming projects to achieve environmental sustainability and efficiency in the North American micromobility industry.

How will multimodal transport affect the micromobility industry’s growth and shape customer experience design?

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of TIER Mobility, said: “TIER’s acquisition of Spin and our entry into the North American market are huge milestones in our mission to Change Mobility for Good. We are excited to support citizens in cities and communities across North America to make the switch from cars to more sustainable urban mobility solutions – a switch that is urgently needed to decarbonize towns and cities across the world. We look forward to delivering this together with Spin, who share our values of responsible partnership and sustainable vision.”

Ben Bear, CEO of Spin, said: “TIER and Spin share the same foundational view of how to deliver world-class micromobility services to cities and riders. Both companies believe in a partnership-first approach, operating with employees rather than contractors, and helping get people out of cars by offering sustainable, equitable, and safe micromobility services. We couldn’t be more excited to continue scaling the Spin movement in North America as part of the TIER family. Together we will be the number one choice of cities and riders globally.”

Franck Louis-Victor, Vice President, New Businesses at Ford Motor Company, said: “We are proud. Spin has become a trusted micromobility partner for cities across North America and the United Kingdom. We believe there are incredible synergies between Spin and TIER, and this new era will provide scale that’s desperately needed in the competitive micro-mobility sector. We are pleased to remain in the mix as a strategic investor in TIER and look forward to their continued growth.”

The purchase of Spin is the latest significant move for TIER, following the recent acquisitions of the Italian market leader Wind Mobility and of Europe’s top bike-share player nextbike in 2021. In October 2021, TIER announced the first close of its $200 million Series D funding round, solidifying its position as the best-funded micromobility company in Europe. To date, TIER has raised a total of $660 million in equity and debt.

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