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Tips for driving to a holiday getaway

Is it time to think about driving home for the holidays or to Las Vegas to get away from it all? Las Vegas has a reputation for being a full-on 24/7 city of lights and parties, but beneath this stereotypical exterior is, in fact, an alternative way to enjoy the city. One which won’t leave you feeling hungover the next morning and will enable you to enjoy some of the greatest hotel facilities and outdoor activities on offer in the world.

Benefits of a relaxing getaway

For many of us, a getaway is a chance to escape our everyday normality, to experience something new, something exciting, and to find ourselves in another world. Las Vegas has a reputation for being the city of dancing, drinking, gambling, and all day and night parties. You may want to dip your toes into, but spending a few nights on the trot burning the candle at both ends can begin to limit your enjoyment of all that this great city has to offer. You may not want to forgo the casinos and parties altogether, but there are so many other things to do while visiting Las Vegas that won’t leave you waking up with a sore head.

Here are some of the benefits of enjoying a more relaxing getaway:

You can return to your everyday life rejuvenated
There’s nothing worse than coming back off holiday feeling like you need another holiday!
So ensure that you go back to your normal life feeling refreshed and rejuvenated until your next trip away.
You may spend less money
Although some of the spas, trips, and excursions can be pricey, they often come in far less expensive than a heavy night on the town, and you can more easily budget your money with a clear head.
You can improve your mental and physical health
You needn’t come out of Sin City in worse shape than you came in. Outdoor activities, meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation all help to improve both your mental and physical health.
You can experience more of the city
A heavy night on the town can leave you out of action for long periods the next day.
Get more out of your trip to Vegas by looking after yourself, ensuring that you can tick off each and every activity you have on your bucket list.

Relaxing things to do in the city of Las Vegas

Visit a hotel spa

The city of Las Vegas is home to some of the most famous hotels in the world, complete with some of the most famous spas. Sit back, relax, and unwind in total heaven in hotels such as the Borgata and let your worries disappear to the sound of gentle music and the smell of essential oils. With Las Vegas hotels renown for their opulence and attention to detail, you can be sure to have an experience you will never forget with many spas offering world-class facilities such as ice fountains, Laconians and Hammams.

Experience a lounge act

Although Las Vegas always has a variety of grand live performances for you to experience, such as the Circ du Soleil, sometimes you may want a slightly more relaxed evening of entertainment. For something a little more intimate, why not sit back with a glass of wine and listen to the gentle twinkle of the piano or the raw voice of an entertainer in one of the cities many lounges. Napoleon’s Lounge at Paris Las Vegas features dualling pianists and is open from 5 p.m… Or try out the piano bar at Harrah’s where you will find twins Kim and Tamara Pinegar performing nightly at 9 p.m. Many hotels have their own lounges offering evening entertainment, so be sure to visit a few.

Get a workout in

Vacations often come with a little, or a lot of, indulgences which can leave you feeling sluggish and defeated, so get your sweat on and feel the endorphins race through your body by getting a workout in. All hotels in Vegas come equipped with spas and fully fitted gyms. There are also a number of dedicated studios that you could try, such as Core Studios, which offers a luxury and more boutique version of classic pilates or The Ride for an upbeat cycle class like no other.


Trying to meditate in Sin City may seem like an impossibility, but there is a growing mindfulness movement helping you to find zen even in the loudest and bustling of places. Reset before exploring the desert or rejuvenate before an evening on the town at one of the cities hot meditation spots such as Lightsha Zen which promises to restore your calm through the use of cleansing crystals, aromatherapy, yoga meditation, and sound therapy. Or try The Yoga Sanctuary for some meditation in motion and try your hand at one of their many yoga classes from the classic Vinyassa flow to their Log Off guided mediation.

Things to do in the great outdoors

Go stargazing

With the city of Las Vegas alive throughout the night with neon displays, it can be easy to forget that there is, in fact, a beautiful starlit desert sky hidden by all that light pollution. Desert stargazing is a magical way to view some of the globes most iconic constellations in vivid clarity, and you won’t need to travel too far to do it. Red Rock Canyon is a popular choice for stargazers due to its position so close to the city; alternatively, the Valley of Fire with its impressive red sandstone is only an hour or so’s a journey away and can feel as though you have traveled into another world. For those looking for a little more intimacy, escape the crowds and head to the Pinto Valley Wilderness. The Wilderness is a far lesser-known stargazing location. Simply drive out, park, and walk into the desert for a private show.

Go kayaking

Get on the water and experience the Colorado River at a more intimate pace by trying your hand at kayaking. Perfect for individuals, couples, families, or groups a half-day trip kayaking will allow you to explore the desert and with all equipment and air-conditioned transport too and from the city included the only effort you need to put in is to paddle. For a more romantic kayaking experience, there are also a number of couples twilight tours where an expert guide will lead you through some of the most historic sites and natural landmarks on the river. Go at twilight before taking you to a private beach where you can enjoy dinner for two cooked over an open fire.

Go trecking

As you fly into Las Vegas Airport, you will realize that the city itself sits isolated amongst some of the most spectacular desert countrysides in the world. Just one hour out of Las Vegas, you will find the Valley of Fire State Park, which provides more than 40,000 acres of Southwestern desert scenery. The vast expanses of the desert can be dangerous for inexperienced adventurers, so put your mind at ease by booking yourself onto a trecking tour. An experienced guide will take you through the rocks and canyons safely while showing you some of the most beautiful photography opportunities. For those who may not want to be worried about their own camera skills, some tours even offer photography packages where your guide will take candid and posed photos of you and your group along your tour, ensuring that you are in every shot.

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