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Top 10 Most Congested Cities in the World

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Los Angeles, California, is the most congested city in the United States! If you think you live in the most congested city in the world because of severe traffic jams in your city, look again! Read the report from Regtransfers that is based on hours wasted in commute traffic in your city, we can tell you the top ten most congested cities in the world.

Take a guess how much time do you think you’ve spent in traffic this year? The average driver spends 32 hours per year stuck in jams. Whether it’s the slow-moving A400 Tottenham Court Road, the Aston Expressway in Birmingham, UK, or Austin, Texas, cities certainly get off lightly when it comes to traffic in comparison to the commuters of L.A and Moscow.

Most Congested Cities in the World

If you wonder about the congestion level of cities around the world RegTransfers, a UK-headquartered company, has used the Inrix Global Scorecard 2016 data to reveal the top congested cities around the world in their new interactive map. The report looks at average hours spent in congestion for 1,064 cities in 38 countries, as well as the percent of time spent in traffic.

Below we have listed the top 10 cities that are the most congested cities in the world

10. Miami, Florida

It is no surprise to anyone that has driven around South Beach, that people love the sun and Florida is the home of the snowbirds. The city of Magic is packed with people and cars. You can expect to sit in congestion in Miami for 64.8 hours.

9. Paris, France

If you have to sit in traffic for 65.3 hours at least, you will be in the city of Paris, the City of Lights. La Ville Lumière infuriates with congested traffic, but the enchantment is unwavering.

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Inside the Peach State, is the City of Love, and there must be a lot of lovers in that city because you will sit in congested traffic for 70.8 hours a year if you drive in the Empire State of the South’s Capital.

7. London, England

The city of London’s nickname is the Smoke, known for its fog and smog. If you want to experience the smog from this congested city, spend a year in the Old Smoke, and you’ll be sitting in traffic for over 73 hours a year.

6. São Paulo, Brazil

The city of Saint Paul has over 11 million people living there, so it makes sense that there would be congestion in the city. Expect to spend over 77 hours a year in traffic, many of those hours driving around the ring.

5. Bogota, Colombia

The Capital of Colombia is also known as the most congested city in Colombia and the fifth most congested city in the world. Expect to spend almost 80 hours a year in traffic.

4. San Francisco, California

The locals call San Francisco, the City, or just SF, but never Frisco. If you want to be a local, you can also expect to sit in traffic for 82.6 hours a year, but you will be in the City by the Bay.

3. New York City, New York

The city so nice, they named it twice, the Empire State is home to the Big Apple, New York City. You’ll be taking a big bite out of your time in the city if you drive there, expect to spend 89.4 hours in traffic congestion if you want to be a part of it, the concrete jungle, a city where dreams are made.

2. Moscow, Russia

The Muscovites in Moskva don’t have to be told their city is congested. The Third Rome, or the First Throne, will cost you 91.4 hours annually of traffic congestion. It’s worse in the Winter, or if Putin is in town.

1. Los Angeles, California

You thought it would be Los Angeles, CA, didn’t you? Undoubtedly, Los Angeles, California, is the most congested city in the United States. During the busiest hours, motorists in the City of Angels can expect to add 104.1 hours annually to their congested car life. At least Los Angeles has cleaned up the smog so that you can drive in the City of Flowers and Sunshine.

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