Top foods to eat or store in your car

Top foods to eat or store in your car

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Chocodates almonds, dates, chocolate, coconut

The Winter Fancy Food Show #WFFS2017 just wrapped up in San Francisco, CA. Two halls of new food and old delights were on display at the Moscone Center. What are some of the foods that are best to eat in the car? A group of five taste testers were given the task of tasting every food and ranking them.

Some of the foods won’t make it; as good as the chocolate cabernet syrup was, it’s not good in the car. Trust me, we tried. The Montamore Sartori Cheese made in Wisconsin had such a full-bodied taste that all of us would eat it in our car, but we were looking at foods that were packaged for eating and storing, in case of emergency, in a car.

We didn’t name any one product as highest or lowest of the top ten; we liked them all and many for different reasons. We did register if it was vegan, gluten-free, natural, organic, able to keep you awake or an item that you can keep in your car in case of emergency.

Our first unanimous pick was coconut chocodates from Dubai. Almond, inside a date, dipped in chocolate, rolled in coconut. It’s just the right amount of texture and taste. It’s great with tea or coffee and can stay in the car for about a year.

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