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Top Ten dangerous foods to eat while driving

Top Ten – The last couple of Real Wheels car chats on the Washington Post website have talked about snacks to eat in the car.

How does food make it on the dangerous list? Back in 2002 Hagerty Insurance put together a list of the top ten dangerous foods to eat while driving and many of them are still on that list today.

Top Ten foods not to eat in a car


Nothing that takes two hands to eat. A smaller portion – kids size instead of supersize – is a better choice because you can still drive with at least one hand.

Top Ten, dangerous foods, car food, washington post, carchat
Top Ten, dangerous foods, car food, Washington post, car chat


Warren Brown said any bar-be-que and fried chicken were out of the question for him. Another chatter said potato chips, “You drop one little piece on your shirt and you’re out of business from the grease stain.”


Chocolate – this one is a hard one for me because I love chocolate, but if it is warm and the chocolate melts it is a gooey mess.


Donuts – Do ever wonder why you see so many police officers at a donut shop? Because they know, eating a donut while driving is a recipe for danger. Stop, order one of those gooey in the inside, powdered sugar on the outside donuts. Finger licking good!


Sodas – especially drinks that have sugar in them. If you take a drink of soda and spill it on your shirt, it is all kinds of sticky when it drys. Driving with sticky fingers is almost as fun as driving with melted chocolate on your fingers or gooey jelly donut filling.


Burgers and fries – Remember the Carl’s Jr commercials of different celebrities eating messy hamburgers trying to make it look seductive, Dennis Rodman, Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Cameron Richardson, Ashley Hartman, Padma Lakshmi, and even Kate Upton. All of them can make eating a hamburger look sexy and messy. None of them do it in a car. You shouldn’t either.


Nachos with chili and cheese – Chips are easy enough to eat. Getting a little salt on your fingers is easy enough to clean off, but nachos with chili and cheese or a bean dip are asking for trouble. We’re not even going to talk about the after-effects of eating chili with a car full of people.

Italians, spicy food, Italy, travel and leisure, the streets of Italy
Italians, spicy food, Italy, travel and leisure, the streets of Italy


Soup – Just about the time you’re taking a sip of that soothing hot soup you hit that bump in the road that you couldn’t see. Sure you got a little bit of soup, but most of it went all over the front of whatever you were wearing.


Salads – Believe it or not, I have seen a driver with a fork shoveling salad. There is a point when a salad is not healthy and one of those times is when you’re driving.


Hot beverages – Remember the woman who sued McDonald’s because she bought a cup of hot coffee and then put it between her legs and got third-degree burns? Yikes! That is so not my cup of tea. Or coffee. And, according to documents on the electric law library, that car wasn’t even moving. If you are going to drink, hot drinks make sure they’re in a sturdy cup and put all the cream and sugar in before you start moving.

And as Car Snax reminded us on the chat, and their significant other, “Also, you want to remember to remove that half a bagel with cream cheese you didn’t finish, honey.”

Lou Ann Hammond

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