2006 Los Angeles Auto Show

Travis Pastrana, Professional Motocross Rider, and Rally Car racer receives the John Wolf Cup at the 2006 L.A. auto show.

Speaker 1 Rally America: Closer to home, closer here to California, we return with a two-car factory team in the Rally America National Championship. The rally sport continues to grow in the U.S., thanks in no small part to this year’s Summer X-Games, which took place here just down the road in Southern Cal.

Rather than bringing people to the sport of rally, we brought Rally to the people. For it was the first time it was added to the X-Games Summer Program, and anyone who witnessed the rally segments could not fail to notice Subaru. Behind me, we have the first, second, and third-place cars from the X-Games this summer and as you can see, Colin McRae’s vehicle earned the silver medal the hard way, but it never stopped running. It took second place after completely rolling over on the final lap. It was an absolutely extraordinary year for rallying and for Subaru.

Not only did team driver Travis Pastrana win a gold medal in the rally competition at the X-Games, he also becomes the youngest driver of the youngest champion on Rally America history, winning the 2006 championship. An integral part of rallying and the motorsport rallying is the co-driver, and we have Travis’ co-driver, Christian Edstrom, here with us today as well. So now let’s take a quick look at them in action at the X-Games earlier this year.

Speaker 2: He races and rides and drives a little bit of everything, so it’s cool.

Speaker 3: Travis and jumps; it’s almost like they’re next to each other in the dictionary.

Speaker 4: So rally is coming to the X-Games for the first time. It’s basically motocross with a roll cage.

Speaker 5: Rally’s kind of a mental thing and you gotta be a little bit psycho, too.

Travis Pastrana: My team said, “go fast, don’t crash.” We’ll try to, try to do that.

Speaker 1 Rally America: Travis and Christian, could you join me up here, please. Also here today from Rally America is J.B. Niday, to present the Rally Championship trophies.

J.B. Niday Rally America: It’s my pleasure to award the 2006 National Championship Award, the John Woolf Cup to Travis Pastrana, and the Grant Whittaker Cup to Christian Edstrom of Subaru Rally Team USA. Want to tell us how it feels to be the champion, Travis?

Travis Pastrana: You know, I just tell you, this has been an amazing season. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s a privilege and an honor to be part of such a great organization with Subaru Rally Team USA. I look forward to many more years to come; it’s going to be a good time, for sure. Thanks for coming out.

Speaker 1 Rally America: Thank you very much.