It was a long day at the Los Angeles auto show. I had been interviewing executives and designers from 8 am. It is now 4 pm. I ran from the Mercedes stand to the Saab stand, late again. I had never met the new CEO of Saab, Victor Muller and was told he was running a few minutes late. Whew! I pulled my bag of trail mix full of nuts, raisins M and Ms, out of my purse and started to munch away. Trail mix is easy to carry and keeps my energy up.

A tall well-dressed man was walking by and saw my trail mix, “chocolate” he exclaimed. I offered him some trail mix, and instead of taking a handful of the mix, he starts picking the chocolate out and starts talking. I find this quirky in a cool kind of way. Who is this person? But he continues to talk, while I am still amused that he is still picking all the M and Ms out of my trail mix. Doesn’t he understand that trail mix is the perfect combination of nuts, salty and sweet? He’s nonchalantly removing an essential ingredient.

Finally, he stops and says, “What are you doing here?” I have a meeting with Victor Muller, I say. “I am Victor Muller,” he says.

Of course, you are.

The video is an interview with the iconoclastic Victor Muller