Good Morning Warren and Friends,

I’m back in the United States of America! Did I miss anything?

The last of my month-long European trip was spent in Barcelona, Spain driving the new 2018 Volvo XC 60. A great two-row SUV that handles nicely looks spectacular and has a plug-in hybrid coming out in September.

Last year Volvo designer Thomas Ingenlath talked about brand design using their new architecture, using shoes as examples. It was simple and brilliant.

The great news is that Volvo is bringing out an XC 60 plug-in hybrid in September. The difference in price between the petrol version and the PHEV (after the $5,000 Federal Tax Credit) is only $3,000. I just love that Volvo is bringing out a PHEV version of all their vehicles.

Volvo is not committing to one battery maker right now, even though they are using LG Lithium-ion batteries in the current cars. In the first drive for the 2018 Volvo XC 60, I spoke with Olle Fast, Volvo’s Project Leader for propulsion power systems, about Volvo’s plug-in hybrid battery system and goals for the future.

This week I drove the Infiniti QX30 Sport. It’s a compact SUV, any shorter and I could call it a station wagon. Lots of room with the seats down for Stretch to go to Costco before he picked me up at the airport. I like the purple color. It’s dark purple and looks good in the daytime or dusk.

Out the door, the QX30 Sport was $43,735 (base was $38,500) with an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 24 city/33 highway/27 combined. We got 26.4mpg.

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