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Vulog CES 2020 carsharing

At CES 2020, Vulog is transforming mobility through software technology, one car-sharing vehicle at a time globally.

1-1000, 2-2000

Every two seconds, someone starts a vehicle sharing trip powered by Vulog’s technology. Over thirty companies are using Vulog’s software to allow a person to rent a car from any place for a one-way trip or a round-trip venture. Alex Thibault, general manager for Vulog’s North American operations, said the company is working with companies such as VW, PSA, Kia, Renault, Sumitomo, and others.

What is Vulog technology?

Vulog is a software technology that allows fleet operators to have various mobility platforms (from autos to scooters) ready where and when users need them. Since 2006, Vulog has been the technology leader for car-sharing mobility. Whether it is a Car, Scooter, Kick-Scooter, or Autonomous Vehicle, Vulog has been creating technology that allows people the freedom to take a trip without owning a vehicle.

What is AIMA?

Artificial Intelligence Mobility Applied, Aima, is Vulog’s new intelligent mobility platform that allows for multiple usage possibilities, opening up the mobility market. This is the third rendition of AIMA, developed over the last four years, scaling it to have more abilities than anyone originally thought possible.

AIMA is an agnostic software technology for the underpinnings of over thirty car share schematics internationally. Vulog can work with any car-sharing company, whether it is a car, scooter, kick-scooter, or any moving vehicle.

Thibault has gained so much knowledge over the years from this business it has become the leading agnostic car-sharing software company to go to, and Vulog sees its business growing exponentially.

They have also seen trends such as the more vehicles a company owns, the more business the car companies receive. It makes sense. The more a person can depend on a vehicle being at a certain spot, the more they will use the product.

Just as interesting is that not every company that Vulog works with is interested in making money. Some of the companies are city-owned and are more interested in reducing congestion in the city. Those companies see car-sharing as a way to achieve that goal.

Many more companies will be looking for the solution Vulog offers. As emissions become more stringent in California and around the world, car-sharing will become a viable option. There were two car-sharing options at the CES start-ups and showstoppers start-up. Neither one had software technology in place.

At least now they know about Vulog.

Vulog CES 2020 carsharing

Vulog CES 2020 carsharing

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