TodayApril 16, 2022

VW electric drive “Bulli” concept at the 2011 Geneva auto show

Get on the bus with the new VW electric drive “Bulli” concept at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

  • 1,450 kg lithium-ion battery with a maximum storage capacity of 40 kWh electric motor outputs 85 kW with 199 lb.-ft of torque
  • 0 to 62 mph in 11.5 seconds (top speed governed to 87 mph
    alternative 1.0 or 1.4 liter gas or diesel direct injection engines
  • 156 inches x 68.4 inches x 66 inches wheelbase 102 inches 54 inches front and rear tire width front-wheel drive electric motor forward of the front axle integral drive primary components are an E-motor, high-voltage pulse inverter and DC/DC converter on the 12-Volt system
  • LED daytime running lights and LED turn indicators placed as an upside down L shape at each outer corner
  • Two fog lights on, central air intake and black front spoiler
  • two-tone paint
  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • 70-liter bootspace behind the tailgate.
  • outer and middle front seat positions can fold down for a 2/3 split and the rear seat can lay flat
  • Sound system comes from amplifier and guitar legend Fender (USA).
Driving the Nation
VW Bulli concept microbus

Bus, magic now ‘electric’ bus from VW carries six including the driver with a ‘infotainment’ mantra iPad center console interface. The iPad interface controls Bluetooth hands-free telephone, navigation, climate control, and the hazard warning switch. Also, the speedometer and multifunction display in the cockpit communicates with the Ipad.

Driving the Nation
Bulli “iPad like” center console interface
Driving the Nation
VW Bulli seating for six
Driving the Nation
VW Bulli concept at the 2011 Geneva auto show
Driving the Nation
VW Bulli concept cockpit display
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