Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com August 22, 2014

Good Morning Warren and friends

This week I drove the Cadillac ELR with all the bells and whistles – literally

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the technology in the Volt and now in the ELR. I drove a Cadillac all week and didn’t use a single gallon of gasoline! I would plug the ELR in at night and wake up to 36 miles of driving range every morning. I absolutely love that technology and General Motors was the first company to bring it to market in a production vehicle.

I also like the interior, I like the contrasting colors and textures and woods and carbon fiber. It reminds me of the Stevie Nicks song, leather and lace, there was just enough, or little, of each material to make the car interesting.

What I didn’t like is all the bells and whistles. I got in the door and turned on the machine and I thought I had turned on CNBC. All of a sudden there was this loud WHOOSH! I was waiting for a screen to pop up and the obnoxious and over used “breaking news” “Exclusive” that CNBC is known for to come up. Plug-in hybrids are supposed to be quiet, why fill them with obnoxious sounds? I don’t know either.

There is a bell or whistle for everything you do in the car. When the car shuts there’s another obnoxious WHOOSH! At 5:00 am on a Sunday morning I was going to the Relay for Life, a cancer walk that goes on for 24 hours and someone has to walk to the circle. My girlfriend, Joyce, and I were walking for Peggy’s husband, Don, who has been a cancer survivor for four years. We walk the last leg that starts at 5:30am.

I get into the car and instantly, before I finish my first cup of coffee, I get the whoosh. I turn the lights on and go to turn the brights on and the car honks. At 5;00 am in the morning on a Snday morning. I still haven’t figured out why Cadillac has the car honk when you flick your lights. If I’m flicking my lights at someone it to me is a lot gentler than honking my horn. If I want to honk my horn I will do that. Don’t change the rules by combining the two.

I love the car, it is a two seater, like many coupes, there is no room in the back for two more adults. It’s over priced for a coupe, but a lot of coupes are overpriced.

But to never buy gasoline again, that is priceless.

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