hybrid cars
There are a number of choices now by different manufacturers of hybrid cars. It is no longer just the Prius. Is there one that you think is overall better than the others?

December 21, 2012 11:31 AM

Lou Ann Hammond :

The Chevy Volt is considered a hybrid, though I still call it a range extender.

The Volt allows you to use electricity for the first 35 miles. Shad’s Mom has 11,000 miles on her Volt. She has used 7 gallons of gasoline.

She gets her electricity from solar panels.

I can imagine a world where people energize their car with solar panels on their homes, and use gasoline only when they are on a long road trip.

The United States spends around 1/4 trillion dollars a year on imported oil and then refines it and sends it to a gasoline station near you.

That way of thinking is antiquated. We need to find answers for our domestic energy for the 21st century.

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