Hello Warren and friends

I just got back from Las Vegas, NV, attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you ever want to see every gizmoo and gizmod on the face of the earth, it is there.

But there are some cool things for the automotive world there, things that could enhance our lives immeasurably.

Bosch is in the process of creating a storage unit that will hold 5kwH of electricity (they sell solar panels). Anyone who had a loved one in Hurricane Sandy that lost their electricity can see the benefit. I was on the John Batchelor radio show (he’s on WMAL in your area) talking to Bosch’s President, Mike Mansuetti, about the technology that is about a year away from market.
https://www.drivingthenation.com/?p=7557 (listen later, chat now :)

Also, Audi showed us a car that can park itself! OMG. All of us have seen a person drive to the front of a hotel, get out of their car, throw the keys, and a twenty-spot, to the valet and walk in. Wouldn’t you love to pull your smartphone out of your pocket and instruct your car to park itself? I’m including a video of exactly that happening. This is not in production yet, but within 10 years, according to Audi, it could be. The thing holding it up? Not technology, not fear of litigation, the thing holding it up is legislation.
https://www.drivingthenation.com/?p=7547 watch/listen to those later. Now, let’s chat about cars to buy.

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