Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com February 1, 2013

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Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com February 1, 2013

Good Morning Warren and friends!

I’m in Washington! Warren and I will be at the Washington auto show tonight. We’ll be at the Advanced Technology superhighway area in Hall A from 7-8:30 tonight. Come by and say hi and “Ask the Experts” We would love to meet all of you, so please, come by.

I’m sorry that Vice President Biden wasn’t able to walk the show with DOE’s Secretary Chu as we had been told, but Secretary Chu was there with companies such as Verizon and the Mayor of Indianapolis. Mayor Ballard, a war veteran, is going to make his city’s entire fleet of cars EV or hybrid. He said that he does not want to see another soldier go to the battlefield due to foreign oil.

Here’s a question for you, if your company paid for the electricity at work, would you buy an EV, or plug-in car? Verizon polled their employees and 80% of them said they would so Verizon is putting charging unit’s in 4 different company parking lots so that their employees can energize at work and get off of gasoline. Would you do the same?

Do you go to the Smithsonian? There’s a place there called Spark lab. It’s for kids to interact and innovate, but it needed money to be renovated. Ford Motor Company gave $500,000 to the Smithsonian for that and to open 3 other unit’s around the United States. Thanks Leah English, Cornerstones teacher, for bringing some of her 4th graders to the press event.

I went to the National Journal’s plenary session on affordable mobility and I came out with the question, Who will be the next EPA Director? Lisa Jackson has stepped down. There were two women on the panel, Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPAs Office of Air and Radiation, and Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board. One of those, I think, will take Jackson’s place. I talked on the John Batchelor show about why I think it should be Mary Nichols

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Let’s chat about cars. See you tonight at the auto show!

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warren_brown Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com February 1, 2013 2013 Washington auto show Auto industry news Automobiles and Energy Featured Newsletter Politics Technology Warren Brown Washingtonpost.com

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