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Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on February 15, 2013

Warren – I’m interested to hear your opinion on the Tesla-NYTimes bruhaha this week. If the Telsa logs are correct (ie. not fabricated) then it seems that the reporter did go somewhat out of his way to push the car beyond standard usage. I drive on the interstate a lot, and can’t imagine changing speed as much as those logs show he did. If anything though, this incident has further convinced me that science education in this country is completely terrible. How the reporter could have possibly thought that regenerative braking could reclaim more energy than went into speeding up the car in the first place is beyond my comprehension. In the presence of friction (ie. the real world) there is always energy leaking out of a system.

Good Morning,

I read Mr. Broder’s review of the car, and his subsequent blogs. I was surprised to find out that the article wasn’t supposed to be about the car, but about the Superchargers that Elon Musk is spearheading. According to the blogs, the NY Times has already written an article on the Tesla.

Having said all that

I drive cars everyday, usually 3 new cars a week. Sometimes I take the path the car manufacturer lays out for me, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I get lost. Sometimes I speed. All of these things are a normal part of out lives that we don’t think about.

I have driven many Electric Vehicles and have gotten use to some of the nuances of an EV. Regenerative braking is a great thing, capturing that lost energy.

Cold and heat are real energy zappers. It’s a real thing.

If Mr. Broker had written the article siting these things as real the article would have been fine. He didn’t.

The good thing that comes out of this article is that an Electric Vehicle, and the energy infrastructure, isn’t ready to be a cross-country mode of transportation.

It doesn’t mean we should stop trying, in fact, just the opposite.

At the Washington auto show I talked to a Verizon executive and he said that Workers at 4 verizon offices were asked if they would buy an EV if Verizon put charging unit’s in to charge their cars while they were at work. 80% of people who work at four offices said yes.

Secretary Chu says we’re spending $1 billion a day on imported oil. I’d like to see that money stay in the United States, personally. I’d invest in a hybrid, extended range or EV just for that reason.

That is what the story should have been about. IMO.

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