What inspired you to create the first privately-owned automobile website?
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If it were for money, I would have stayed working at Chevron. :)

When I started carlist back in 1986 the only place to find a used car was in the newspaper. You could have a dealer search for a new car if you went into their dealership but you couldn’t do the same for a used car.

I started carlist on an apple IIC. People and dealerships would list their used car. Buyers would call looking for the car and I would tell them where to go to buy the car.

That was before the internet. In the early ’90s I worked with Pacfic Bell and we put computers in credit unions so that the members could go into the credit union and find the car online and see a picture of it.

Then the internet came around in 1995. It was a wonderful invention. I am always amazed to look back and see how far technology has evolved and how much easier it has made our life.

Thanks for asking.

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