Good Morning Warren and friends,

Today I am in Warren, Mich., at the Fiat Chrysler Auto (FCA) LLC Chelsea Proving Grounds. FCA is showing off What’s new in their stables.

A question for you – which do you like better – a turbo direct injection or a diesel pickup? I have a friend at Chrysler that wanted me to ask all of you.

If you like racing and Dodge you’ll want to check back here at 11:30 a.m. – new news! on the monologue chat. FCA has us under strict embargo till 11:30 ET on some news they are breaking.

There’s a lot of talk about Sergio Marchionne wanting a car company (notably General Motors) to merge with them. Do I think it will happen? I wouldn’t put money on it. I’m not sure GM will either.

If there is a Chrysler group product that you want to know about I’m in the midst of them. If there is a question about a vehicle ask me now. All the engineers and product people are here. I’ll try to get you an answer.

Quotes from Mike Manley, CEO Jeep:

“The Wrangler is American” meaning it will be built in US-China 2nd largest market

Compass and Patriot – one going away the one left will be a global vehicle.

Jeep sales in 2015 to date up 20% globally “always a chance for a 4-cylinder diesel in a Jeep”

Portfolio of FCA Jeep brand incredibly important brand no matter what happens w/ a merger Jeep will survive

A pickup truck would be an excellent addition to the Jeep in the future have blue-skied a business case

Grand Cherokee pushed back (redesign -back to 2018-19) – will celebrate 75th #anniversary

Another increase in June for Jeep #jeep “expecting to keep increase alive in company-wide

Let’s chat about cars

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