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I checked with car manufacturers around the world and suppliers. The suppliers (like Bosch) supply the air recirc devices to the auto manufacturers. They do not limit the amount of time it can be on, the auto manufacturers do.
When I was in China the chinese cars (BYD) do not limit the amount of time the recirc can be on. The smog is so bad there they let the customer decide when to recirc or not.

I asked American manufacturers and the time differs as to how long they allow the recirc to stay on, Ford is 5 minutes, Audi is 10 minutes. Audi says it’s not only because of fog, but because the oxygen in the car gets stale.

By the way, I am in Sebring at the 12 hours of Sebring this weekend. I picked up the Cayman, courtesy of Hertz, (did you know Hertz rents Porsches? They call them dream cars :) just to drive it again. As much as I love the Audi TT, the Cayman runs a very close second. I just found out Hertz Dream Cars includes models from the following luxury car manufacturers:
Aston Martin

I’ve got my eye on two guys at Sebring, Scott Pruett with the Ford Performance group (and he makes a great bottle of wine) and a new guy, Sloan Urry. Sloan is driving #20 in the GT# cup challenge. He’s so new that he’s not even listed in the 62nd annual twelve hours of sebring catalog they give you! But Jeremy Dale, co-owner of JDX, liked this young man so I’m waiting to see what he does this weekend.

I’ve got videos of the qualifying race and the paddocks up on youtube

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