Good morning Warren and Friends

This week I drove the Chrysler 200 in Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky is a pretty state, one I should visit more often. The Chrysler 200 has some stiff competition. My prediction is the Limited will do the best of all the trim levels. It starts at a reasonable price for the competition.

I also drove the 2015 Audi A3 in my own state of California down the road in Menlo Park. Now that is a nice sedan and it was a beautiful drive down to Santa Cruz on highway 1, along the ocean. That’s a drive some of you should could visit. Danny Garad, the designer, was on hand and drew a picture of the car for me in less than 10 minutes. I”m always amazed at car designers, so much talent.

Last week someone asked which vehicles were body-on-frame. Some that I think are still body-on-frame are
Toyota 4runner Lexus GX460
CAdillac Escalade
Chevy Tahoe and Suburban GMC Yukon
I think the Wrangler is the only BOF of the Jeeps
Infiniti QX56

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