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The city that never sleeps was in rare form this week. On Tuesday there were parties from morning to past midnight!, and that was BEFORE the auto show.

Game changers at the New York auto show: BMW will introduce an i8, 3-cylinder, carbon-fiber, plug-in hybrid that gets around 350hp and over 50 miles per gallon! Love it. They also announced they would bring out the 328 diesel.

Audi showed the press the A3 sedan and sportback that will be show at the Shanghai auto show in a couple of weeks. The A3 is about the same size the A4 was 10 years ago, lots of great content, A8 leather, new technology. There will be 3 turbo engines, one diesel engine and the plug-in hybrid will come out late 2014.

Bentley brought out the new Flying spur and had their craftsman show us the wood and leather they use. (I had them make me a coaster out of the wood, and a bookmark out of the leather!) They also had Salonge, Beyonce’s Sister singing at the event. I loved her voice!

Cadillac brought out their flagship CTS and it will take some sales from Mercedes. Chevy surprised everyone by bringing out – unannounced- the Camaro Z28!

2014 Mercedes Benz has a B-Class Electric Drive coming in the first quarter of next year.

Rolls-Royce brought out the Wraith, which means menacing Ghost in Scottish. Since the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a sedan it only makes sense the Wrath would be more sports car like.

The Kia party had cars designed/created to be like the Justice League marble comic book characters. There was Aquaman, Batman, Superman and Kia unveiled the Kia Sorento as Wonder Woman. One of the cars – they wouldn’t tell us which – will be raffled off at Comicon for the Charity “We can be heros”.

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