Lou Ann Hammond :

Today we have Orth Hedrick, Director, Product Planning, as a guest to answer questions about Kia’s product lineup. I am in Del Mar, CA (North of San Diego) driving a Kia Cadenza.

You will like this. Yesterday Kia had a contest to see who could take the best picture. They had different categories, cute, Warhol, etc. We weren’t inspired and had written the contest off until we got to Fallbrook airport, right next to Camp Pendelton. We went to visit Tom Aberle. Tom Aberle’s custom built “Phantom” won the Gold last year at the RENO Air Races.

They had the prop off the plane and they let us take a picture of the prop on the front of the Kia. I’ll let you know when I put the pictures up.

Let’s talk cars, let’s talk kia

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