I am in Leipzig, Germany attending an International Transportation Forum (ITF). It is put on by the OECD, a group of 54 countries, all coming together to try to find answers to our transportation issues.

One forum I attended was about global fuel economy. I interviewed Lew Fulton from the International Energy Administration (IEA). Fulton said that by 2050 we could expect the global number of light duty vehicles to triple to 2.3 billion on the road. Where will we get the fuel for the all of those cars? You can watch his interview at


One question for all of you – in the gallon of gas that you buy are federal taxes, around 18 cents per gallon. Of that 18 cents 2.86 cents goes to public transportation. Are you okay with part of the tax on gasoline going to public transportation?

But for now, let’s chat about cars

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