Good Morning Warren and friends,

As the weather changes, it’s harder to go out to your car in the morning and sit in a cold seat and wait for the car to heat up. How many of you have remote start-up? I had the Ford Focus Electric vehicle and it can use remote start-up while the vehicle is still plugged into the grid.

I drove a Porsche Boxster this week to my dentist. My dentist, Dr. Jones, is a practical guy, kind of looks like an old hippy, but underneath loves cars. He kind of smirked at me when he saw the Porsche, in a that’s way too expensive and I couldn’t even afford the gas for it kind of way. I showed him the sticker on the windshield and his eyes widened, “that Porsche gets more miles per gallon than the car I’m driving!”

Let’s chat about cars.

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