I joined Warren Brown, Washington Post journalist since 1982, on his chat line again last week.

This is how it started:

“Good morning. We have with us the genius Lou Ann Hammond of DrivingtheNation.com, to which I also will be a contributor…soon, Lou Ann, soon.

But, heads up, we have an interesting 2011 Spring market shaping up because of the Japan earthquake-tsunami. 17 0ut of 20 major Japanese car companies and suppliers have been affected.  In the showroom, that will mean fewer available Toyota Corolla and Yaris models. Ditto the Mazda3 compact car, Honda Fit and CR-V models, Lexus ES and IS sedans, Acura TSX and Subaru Forester. Certain paint colors will be affected, hot red tints being chief among them. Also, some American and German companies relying on Japan-sourced electronics will be affected.

It all means lower-to-no Spring sales incentives.  Expect dealers to charge premiums on popular models. Cheers. Let’s talk.”

Click on Warrens picture to go to the washingtonpost.com chat:

warren_brown Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat on www.washingtonpost.com April 12, 2011 Automobiles and Energy