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Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat on, June 17, 2011

I joined Warren Brown, Washington Post journalist since 1982, on his chat line Friday, June 17, 2011.

This is how it started:

Hey Warren

When I was on a couple of weeks ago there were a couple questions we couldn’t answer. I have followed up on them :

Will Hyundai be offering a new Touring based on their new, greatly improved sedan, or will they continue to sell two different Elantras?

Miles C. Johnson, Manager, Product Public Relations answered the question: The Elantra Touring is not off of the Elantra sedan architecture it is the Hyundai i30 wagon sold in Europe and imported over to the US as the Elantra Touring. There will be a next generation Elantra Touring and once again it will be based off of the Hyundai i30.

BTW – I just got through driving the Hyundai Accent and if you’re looking at a Fiesta, Sonic, Versa or Yaris you might want to give the Accent a look as well. If you’re looking for a sporty feel you’re going to want to stay with a Fit or Mazda 2 because they have an independent rear suspension.

The person that was looking for a dog car:
I drove a Volvo XC 70 and noticed that the back had flat fold down seats and thought of you. Also, think about the Honda Element – they have a dog version. The seats fold up and to the side and it has a dog ramp included.

I also drove a Kia Sportage. The seats fold down flat so that a dog can climb in, but it’s high so you would need a dog ramp.

I visited Tennessee last week. That’s where the new Passat is being built. It you’re looking at a Honda Accord you definitely want to look at the Passat. In fact, if you’re looking at a high priced Jetta look at the low end Passat. The interior is so much plusher.

I drove a Lotus Evora and Evora S on Laguna Seca Saturday. If Colin Chapman (the founder of Lotus) were alive he would be very pleased with the Lotus Evora. The Evora S needs some work, but the Evora I would buy in a heartbeat.

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