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Warren Brown carchat washingtonpost March 13, 2015

Good Morning Warren and friends

My good buddy Warren is back today! I, we all, missed you last week WarBro.

I have started seeing a fusion of design going on now between sports cars and SUVs and between sports cars and wagons. I wrote about this last week after I drove the 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen.

Many of you will remember driving around in a station wagon. The whole family packed into a station wagon. I was the tiniest in the family, so I rode in the back next to the cooler on the long cruise, staring out the back window. When we got hungry we would stop and eat, no going into a restaurant with five kids for our family. No, my Mom would pop open a can of Campbell’s vegetable soup and scoop off the top liquid, and I would eat it cold out of the can with a white bread sandwich. Those were the days!

The SUVs and wagons are melding and eventually the stigma of having a station wagon will be gone because the cars are now being sold as sportswagens or as a Sports Activity wagon.

I drove a 2015 BMW X4 Xdrive 28i this week and felt the same way I did as when I was driving the 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen. Lots of functionality and a great driving machine.

I did notice that I have gotten used to blind-spot warning – the little orange icon that comes up on your side mirror when someone is in your blind spot. The X4 didn’t have it.

The machine out the door is $54,500 including a $950 destination charge. I got about 25 mpg, helped along by a start-stop and an 8-speed sport automatic.

For any of you that want to see what Mercedes is planning for the future, you can read the piece on the self-driving Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept.

Let’s chat about cars.

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